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Welcome to the Headshot Workshop.


A comprehensive education in  Headshot Photography taught by the Headshot industries top Photographers. 

Elevate your Headshot skills.

The Portrait Academy



To raise to a more important or impressive level

No matter what type of Photographer you are you must be able to take a headshot. A really great headshot. A headshot that is not cookie cutter, that feels alive , and that makes your subject feel incredible.

Headshots are not one size fits all, and you must be able to adapt and create depending on your subject. With  years as a professional Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles I have seen Headshots evolve and change throughout the years and so must we. 


These workshops will  help develop your skills to be able to adapt and change based on your clients needs, and develop your own signature style. 

 There is no recipe for that works for everyone but rather a foundation of what makes a great headshot that can adapt, grow and stand out. 

Elevate your Headshot skills



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